Good morning world.

Where yesterday was dedicated to vices, today is dedicated to rectifying the indulgences. I’ve had all my guilty pleasures and now it’s time to attend to my healthy ones. There were two pizzas, a two liter of coke, and a six pack here yesterday. All that remains is toxin filled me. Magnificently gross. Don’t ask me why but that little ritual does wash out the stress for the week. It does it well. I fully acknowledge how ghastly the practice is. I just shaved two years off of my life yesterday. ‘Twixt you and me, I will attempt to curb them thar harmful practices. I’ll keep you posted.

Caffine, alcohol, and saturated fats fueling my delirium; I painted like a mother-hugger yesterday. Most of it was on a single painting, too. It’s a big one and the concept is good, so the finished product will be great. The painting sure does bring me back to lessons past, though. Particularly about overworking a piece. By no means is this one over worked; that said, I need to cool it. I need to take a step back and let it breath and give it time to develop. It’s like a romance: if you want something fast and furious, it can be done. I enjoy my paintings like I enjoy my love: lasting. This includes breaks so that we can be our own people. Examine what is working, recognize what isn’t, and know where to go.

“Overwhelmed” as much as I love you, you will not be painted on today. I will invest myself in other projects to stay distracted. I know. It pains me, too. Believe me, I have urges. But, and it’s a Mississippian-with-a-Dairy-Queen-next-door big “but”, it’s for the greater good. We’ll get through this and be better for it.

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