Last night and most of this morning were dedicated to figuring out how to have this darned blog post to the homepage on my site. “Arduous” would be the word I would use for it. I have a little something that works right now but I will still need to make it sleek and work better between here and my site. Develop it, essentially. Also on the list is to revamp facebook and twitter. There are times when I feel I am antisocial towards social media. In this day and age, I think social media is unavoidable. Better cope.

I am aware too that art is to be made. When I am not distracted by this webpage stuff or avoiding marketing, I am doodling with pencils and watercolors. “Rusty” is the term I use for it. I am not lithe or agile in it so much. Art will come back soon enough. You’ll catch me wondering when soon enough will be. I recognize that art is an ongoing process, too. Never ending. Soes that reminds me to take my time with the art and let all that art happen organically. I will. That’s always been best for the process.

Find a grammatical error in here? Cool, I understand. Writing this thing while talking on the phone mayhaps not be the best way to concentrate. But that’s what I’m doing, common sense be damned! Time is a little crunched right now.

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