Work in Progress #1

This morning finds me chit chatting addicts and addiction behavior with coworkers. When we compare our front line stories there’s a lot of knowing similarities. The swapping is super therapeutic and a great reminder for keeping on top of sobtriety. Tally ho!

So releasing of pics will happen with this post and continue going forward. Expect many “works in progress” and practice pics. I hate to qualify the showing of pictures as if the action were a big deal or (shrug) anyone gives a fuck. Given that I can’t live up to my own perfectionism, I have to prep myself for unnecessary shame. Prep and move beyond.

I guess that’s just the kinda guy I am.

You know what? There are so many uncertainties. Those future targets are always moving targets. My aim is blurry and the shooting hand is shaky. Calm myself, take it a day at a time, and maintain what faith is there; I’ll do myself and this effort a service.

Speaking of, is there a plan? Pft! We’re I a man with a plan I’d be way Way WAY further along. No. Let’s focus on basics. Self care, exercise, clean eating, and build from there.

I fully plan for and even expect hiccups. Lord knows, what’s life without the hiccups… So many hiccups…

Alas with digressions, uh, yeah. This counts as a post and this counts as a slick closing thought.

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