Dieting and Productivity

Like a fat girl trying to lose weight, I’m a lazy man trying to be productive. No disrespect to fat girls or lazy men. I’m attempting to illustrate the inherent difficulties of doing things that go against human nature. Even if there is a greater benefit, the perils of temptation are there and have a mighty pull. Of course, that’s common knowledge.

I open up with the topic today because yesterday was a real dogfight between me and my demons. Since I slept so little I had that much more time to spend doing art, refining the website, or, you know, something responsible. Instead I procrastinated something fierce. Of the four extra hours I had two and a half were spent stalling and an hour and a half was spent doing what needed doing in protest. What an awful feeling that was. You can tell because the guilt is still nagging.

It’s been a struggle all my life. We all get our vices and we all get our chance to control them. I’m still working on that bit. I won’t speculate on whether or not I ever will really succeed.

Since drawing and painting were such a chore yesterday, I promised myself I wouldn’t art today. Well, anything serious, I will permit myself some mindless throw-away stuff. Today I’ll put some time and effort into that other thing I’ve been delaying, The Store. How many posts have I flogged myself over not paying more attention to this? It neither here nor there. Graphics and prices need placing and it’s about time I place them. Weird how that seems more attractive to me than art right now. Oh well, I know that feeling is fleeting. I’ll take advantage of it while it’s here.


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