Dim Wits

What do I write here when I’m too tired to write? It’s been a couple of hours and I still don’t know. Feeling too bogged down, you can rightly infer that painting is also not happening this morning. Will there be anything of a responsible nature happening this morning? I think not. Too tired? You betcha!

Week fatigue has me in it’s throws. Not just work, personal things have taken a toll. I wanna recharge. The batteries are empty. Had I my way, no work would be happening today. Alas, I don’t have my way . . . Meh, I’ll trudge on.

“The Great Cookie Caper” looks good. I’m not finished yet. I have some ambitious experiments in store. Truth be told, I am afraid of losing the 50 hours invested. Damned if I’m not gonna do it, though. The painting was built around the success of those experiments. I’ve no choice in the matter. It’s gonna happen.

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