Do Diligence

I have me a spring cold. Sinus pressure, dry cough, headache, excess mucous; you can expect me to take some cold medicine and you can expect me to do an honest day at work. What brand of medicine? I’ll wait until after sponsorship offers pour in before making an announcement.

Work is the same. Nothing new to report. Art? I just get a few piddly things done. School, I diligently watch my little algebra videos and solve for X all morning long. It’s been that way ever since I took that danged Accuplacer thingy. I have me some redeeming to do. Which explains my obsessiveness on the topic.

I’m aiming for the 16th to take the test. Should I do well, there will be celebratory drinking; should I preform poorly, there will be consolatory drinking. Good news is: You can expect me to say few things about the Accuplacer afterwards. I’ll shut up and forget the topic altogether as I move on. I’ll probably move onto whinging about not having money to pay for school. Or being poor. Or classes. or . . . I’ll find something, I’m sure.

Today, I have a handful of junk to take care of. Renew my CNA license, get up to school and reschedule orientation, pay the dentist the outstanding balance on services rendered. Pretty dry stuff. At least I’ll get it out of the way.

I have a book to toil over. Out of frustration over not being able to address this topic properly, I did submit for about a week off from work. Towards the end of this month I’ll put in an intense number of days playing catch up. I have a picture here that’s about half done, mocking me with it’s suggestive “Come hither, finish me” look . . . Insert longing sigh here. I’ll have time to make beautiful expressive things soon. This is where I practice patience.

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