Today was the Doctor’s visit. Went fine. In fact, maybe a little awkward because I find her to be attractive. Hope it doesn’t show too much.

I’m fine, my bill of health is well. A comforting contrast to the dentist. Yeesh, which still makes me cringe.

I’m getting wine tonight. Three weeks without and my doctor telling me moderate drinking is OK makes it OK. So my tiny stint without will end and I’ll go back to responsibly drinking. At least until my sponsor tells me otherwise.

No art or writing this morning. Just house cleaning and visiting appointments. I’m tempted to do something now, but I’m just as tempted to say “Eff it. It’s Friday.” I’m going to eff it. Also these feelings are being influenced by my McDonald’s breakfast this morning. So gross, but I have no regrets.

And then, I guess that’s it. Nothing more to really put out into the world. I’ll bore y’all later.

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