Doin’ Fine


I miss art. I know it’s only been a week but the pangs started last night. And they’re here this morning.Feeling all itchy.

I’m really tempted to cash in a few of my PTO (Paid-Time-Off) hours for another mini-vacation. Then again, I’d like to have at least eighty hours stashed away. You know, because of that soothing sense of safety. I’m hovering just above sixty now. I know I say I’m tempted, but when I announce it in my grumbling tone, it means I won’t do a thing. I’m gonna stay the course. Endure.

Which is fine. Things’re fine. All things told, I’m doing fine. Working through the weekend is a nice experiment. I know I can hold up and hold up, you guessed it, fine. My wonder is: is it worth it? If I allowed them to, the company would work me into the ground and all for a pittance. Then again, money. It’s the case where I’d rather not be taken advantage of by the man versus earning my stake.

Ultimately, I’m doing it. This here post is me reinforcing my commitment. Just like I’m gonna have to reinforce my commitment to finishing that awesome kids book. In the mean time, if I creak and moan, it’s a case of the house settling. I’m breaking in the new conditions and, sometimes the new conditions are breaking in me.

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