Done, Done, Done.

Hello, my name is Steve T. Laws, it’s been a while since last I wrote here. A month and a half at last count. So what the heck have I been up to? My initial response is, “Nothing.” Of course, as any frustrated girlfriend or family member will attest, that is me grossly oversimplifying. Plenty has happened and I shouldn’t make you work to find out what.

Normally I would come on here and groan about how I’m not dedicating enough time to the book. I can easily be true to form with that. Only problem is the book is done. Yes, done. Finally. Eight long years of on and off work was announced finished at 3:33 am on August 23 of 2014. The accomplishment was met with a huge sense of relief, then, for a week afterward, an inner glow of pride. And now, angst and guilt about not having the announcement announced, the book for sale, and promotions promoted. This kind of behavior is just who I am.

I have reasonable reasons for all this, of course. Work and school, school and work being foremost among them. As I mentioned in previous posts, I will be going to school aggressively this semester. And I am. As one can imagine, time is limited. When I do find a lump of free time, you’ll catch me playing video games. I can’t decide if that’s justified relaxing or something else. In curt form, never enough time.

Is there a plan? Yeah, I guess so. I plan on announcing and offering the book before Christmas. I’m leaning towards end of October announcement and having the website up and running for sales before November 1. Collecting a small handful of shows for spring and summer 2015 will need addressing, too. I’ll have to budget work, school, and shows accordingly. Should I get enough shows, I might just skip a semster or two of school. Maybe I’ll . . . Who knows? I’d better shut up here.

I don’t want to look too far down the road. I’ll overwhelm myself and burn out. Let’s focus on smaller things, immediate future things. I still need to register the book with the copyright office, I need to register my ISBN numbers so that I can sell digital and hardcopies on Amazon and iTunes. Budget a decent amount of money to buy books, for traveling shows, and life. Attempt to keep building and maintaining an audience. I, I have a lot to do. For now, though, I’m gonna calm down, and go cook some dinner.

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