Done Good

Let’s hammer out a blog post.

With the excitement and anxieties of the upcoming show, lack of sleep, and work being particularly excruciating yesterday. I was fully expecting this to be a therapy day. You know, the kind where you defiantly raise your middle finger to the world all whilst indignantly indulging vices. That kind of day.

It is a strange and pleasant surprise to be most constructive this morning. At the moment I am finding some framing supplies. This after matching pictures I have with new frames and reviewing inventory of framing supplies. All done despite five hours sleep and a burning resentment for work. Not bad.

Don’t get me wrong, work is fine; I enjoy it, I am good at it, and it pays rent. If you ask me about my job at this time, though, you’ll find a lot of venom in my words. So let’s not think of that and move on to happier things.

Things like art shows. Art shows like this one coming up: Reno Visual Art Blast.  I expect it to be modestly sized and modestly populated. Realistically, it will be among the smaller and less prestigious of shows I’ve participated in. That douche-bag cynicism aside, I’m in love with it. I intend to make this show my saving grace. My pivoting point into more shows and bigger shows and more production for shows. This teensy tidbit of validation will feed my want for more. And, god dammit, I’m hungry!

Round about, I foresee today will be a good day. I will continue on my course of framing and prepping and maybe even eking some art in there. I’ll spend it productively and when my head finally hits the pillow at the end of the day, I’ll not off with a proud serenity. I done good.

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