Civil Fish

The word might come with negative connotations. But it seems apropos for my current activities. Going though old works and seeing what’s salvageable and what isn’t. A lot of the stuff there is pretty damned decent. I had a really good thing going . . . I wonder why I stopped. On top of that sorting, the current stuff I’m producing. Which artworks to share versus which to trash versus how can I recycle the older pieces? That efficiency would be awesome.

Here and now, I’m feeling optimistic. The work ethic feels good. Working hard at work-work then, when I’m off, working hard on working here. And it feels right. I’m laboring towards something I believe in and I’m being honest about it. No, really! Honest as an engine! Who would have think working towards something meaningful was good for the soul. It’s noticeably nice.

Remember kids. There’s an important life lesson in all of this: It’s more painful to give up than to try. I would strongly recommend against giving up. Switch courses, sure; nothing matters, no way.

And when I say such a thing, I’m reminded that a lot of good people in my life are doing well. It might be a case of “the grass is greener . . .” but it seems like they’re all pursuing wonderful opportunities. Which I adore! They’re good people and each deserves every bit of success they get. My part is I feel a little left out. Gotta work harder and keep up. Gotta put in the effort.

It feels good to progress. Wouldn’t it be nice to progress further?

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