Dubious Sentiments

Last night I woke up to pee. When I slugged myself out of bed, I actually walked into the wall. I began pawing for a doorknob or a seam to a portal, and nothing. It was approximately fifteen seconds, before I realized I was on the opposite side of the room from the door. This leaves me tickled and a little shaken, I’m unsure if it’s an amusing anecdote or ominous foreshadowing.

And in a jarring subject change, I am a baker’s man. Breads, pizza crusts, cookies; if you hang out, prepare to be fattened. And flour, flour everywhere.

Of theĀ minutiae, networking isĀ  fine. Twitter is still kindest and most fulfilling, Google+ offers a friendly user interface and the most promising home base, facebook, has opportunities I’ve yet to tap. In time. Good things all around, I’m meeting new people and the meetings give me the happy. Viewing current art and occasionally coming across a piece that inspires is worthy of mention.

I have two watercolors and six pencils I am polishing. Why? Because I can! That’s “why”. They will be lovingly worked upon later today, after the pizza and about three beers in. A strange sense of giddiness will occur after the art session is completed. Before and during, there will be a begrudging procrastination applied. Seems to be like exercise, where motivating my lazy but is the hardest part in the entire process. Once accomplished, I feel worlds better for having participated. I guess that’s art and that’s the discipline.

Looking into the future there is summer school. I look upon it with some reverence and excitement. On the one hand, hot ladies and learning environments; on the other, less free time for art and networking. I look onto the horizon with similarly dubious feelings. With the blessings comes costs. No matter what happens, after the dust settles, I’ll love it.

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