Dear Diary,

I woke up lat this morning. I slept half of the four hours I get away. There was a tinge of guilt, but I was quick to swat that feeling away. Eff it, I’m having a relaxing morning. I’m gonna be happy and lazy and happy.

I have not worked on the website in about a week and a half. I have pictures to post and a store to run and polish to apply. I say that to remember it and to apply some tension to the motivation. That and someone asked about buying stuff yesterday.

Paintings go with gusto. I have one in particular that vexes me. Only cause I want it perfect and it refuses to be perfect. I’ll have to settle with perfect enough, I guess. Until then, the wrestling will continue . . . Be perfect dammit!

Work is as work does. They don’t call it “work” because it’s a day at the beach. I hustle and bustle and do my best to make peoples’ day better. I am surprisingly good at it. It brings a good feeling to my heart. Evidence I have a good work ethic; add to that the art and stuff done in my off time, it’s a savory feeling.

Yeah, this morning feels pretty carefree. Where everything was weighty yesterday, today feels effervescent. Things matter and it’s all bubbling up. I like things.

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