Effing It

New design software for the website, need to update website; advertise new works, engage in social media, grow a following, refine poetry for the book, refine pictures for the book, learn again the publishing software, design the book, assemble the book, publish the book, advertise the book, sell the book, submit to publishers, start next book, rinse, repeat. An example of the thoughts that like to gnaw at me. Toss onto that pile challenges of everyday living, all of it can fast become overwhelming.

I doubt this way of thinking is tragically unique. We all get our share, don’t we? Work, family, finances, health, both in body and soul; problems in life seem to be interchangeable and persistent. No matter your are, age, race, class, location, life will hand you a set of issues to solve. Problems are a constant in life, a fact of life. How best to address?

My favorite tool is to “eff it.” In “effing it”, the situation is instantly simplified. The weight of the world is not longer on my shoulders. After that, I can do whatever I want. Right now, all I wanna do is draw. Try not to over use “eff it”, doing so comes with its own set of problems. Tonight, though, tonight I’m gonna “eff it” with utmost satisfaction. Do me some drawing, be happy.

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