You know, after posting “Overwhelmed” yesterday I did nothing. The entire day was a long exhale. So relieved was I to be finished I needed time to deflate. And deflate I did. My recliner was as deep into the recline position as it would go. And I pushed it further. Never mind that I need to get a new recliner, point is: recovery was had.

I am not sure whether or not this morning counts as recovering. I am taking my deliberate time in scribbling up this here post. I cringe at the thought of going to work. Yeah, I guess I’d like more time if I could have it. Alas, I don’t. Rent won’t wait. So work is gonna happen. No art this morning, though. I’m gonna slump as long as I can before responsibilities rouse me from my comforts.

I have a few things on the agenda. “The Great Cookie Caper” is ready for pigments to be applied. Wait, I take that back. I want to add another kid in there. I am thinking it will add to the suspense. I am also needing to thumb through my pencil sketches and see what I want to develop. Pencils are easier on time management and less spectacular for it. Still, those pencils are the basic necessary elements of “More Different”. They need love just like you or me. And love them I will.

Also on the procrastinated list: Website stuff. I have a store and a few more items to display. I also have more items to create. After all that is said and done, I need to proudly display those items here on the blog, on my website, and possibly my facebook page. I think maybe a day’s work altogether. Also publicity, finding more places to submit to and then submitting to them. Another thing I’ve been meaning to catch up on is housework. Laundry, dishes, cleaning, the whole shebang. If I had guests over, I’d be crushed under the weight of my own embarrassment. Don’t you judge me.

Alright, alright, it’s the top of the hour and I need to make me a breakfast and lazily surf the nets for a couple hours before scurrying to work. See y’all tomorry.

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  1. so you work, do your art, and do housework ?..cooking, cleaning, laundry? Is your “real job” also your art ? or do you go to a real life job and then also work at your art ? maybe i should know all this if i have been following your blog as I was meaning to when i first found it….but i too am a very good procrastinator.


    • No, I have a day job. Forty hours a week. I am a CNA at a rehab facility here in Reno, NV. It’s a regular and stable paycheck. In my off time is when I paint. The housework and basic stuff only happens when I’m not working or when I’m not painting (which is never).

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