Feelin’ Alright

Show’s on. What a relief. All that fretting I did sure didn’t help things. I’m super glad I continued as though the show were on because I am not at all set back. I’m right on target. Frames, tools, arts, time; I look real good.

I decided the next painting is gonna be a self portrait. I know I do those tons already, this time I want the person to actually look like me. It will be Odd No.2, the official sequel to Odd No.1. All of this was brought on by people telling me I no longer look like the younger me in Odd No.1. Which makes sense, I’ve put on about 8 years and 40 lbs since then. You know, the ravages of time.  Besides, I needs my artistic skill up a notch. Self portraits are hard, soes I gots to train for this one. Good, let’s train my artistically flabby butt. Let’s have a goal to work towards. I can give the world what I would hope is a hunkier me.

It feels good to have the house cleaned. It feels like I’m streamlined somehow. I move faster and am more agile now that the trash is all in a single place. Not that I’m complaining, mind you. Not this time. I’m reveling in it. Appreciating it. I need to do this more often.

In case you couldn’t tell, or my usual sarcasm keeps you guessing, I feel pretty danged good about now. The coffee smoothie I just consumed has me wired on caffeine whilst giving me the essential vitamins and minerals I need to live an active lifestyle . . .

Ooo, time is nigh and I need to practice some art. There will be more writing here later.

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