Feelin’ Fine

Success. I don’t even know what you look like. You’ve come into my life now and again and each time you leave before I get a chance to appreciate you. Only in the after affects and when I really reflect do I know you’ve been here and done things. There are times where I mistake failure for you. Success, even though I can’t recognize you, why do I feel as though you are here with me now? Why do I have this weird sense of hope and satisfaction? Success, why don’t we do this more often?

I feel alright this morning. Maybe a bit more than alright, but I don’t wanna jinx it. Drawing goes well. Nothing to show for it just yet, but I’m not overly concerned with all that. My concern is keeping the pencil on the paper and moving it around for as long as I can manage. I’ll tally what I have later, for now, this is what I’m gonna keep doing. I won’t count my berries until the basket is filled.

Work is work is work. I haven’t mentioned it in a while but wanted to vent just a hair. Nothing too negative, just thinking out loud. Debts will be paid off September 15th of this year. I’ll be all clear. I actually have enough monies in the bank right now to leave myself well and clear with plenty to spare. The one remaining debt is on auto-draft and I’m too lazy to just toss the payment out there. I’ll let the mechanism go and do my best not to concern myself with it. The reason I drum all this up is: I’d like to reduce hours from 40 a week down to 32. I’d do this under the auspice of being able to do more art. Do what I’m supposed to do. It still counts as full time, I still get my health and dental benefits, and I still earn just enough to get by.

I have been wanting to do this for the past couple weeks. I will end up doing it, I already know. I’m just a hair cautious on the reduction. I worry. Nothing too significant, just that with the extra time . . . You know what? Eff it. I’ll just do it today. I’ve been mulling it over long enough. It’s not that big a deal and doesn’t deserve the hang wringing I’m allocating it. I want that extra time to produce and have the energy to find and grow opportunities. I’ve already talked myself into it, no more procrastinating. Especially on building that sexy art career.

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