Feeling Bold

I light up when waking to the birds singing on those cool mornings. That feeling is an intoxicating serenity. My pleasure faculties thank you.

Two days off from art is enough. I was getting urges to paint while at work last night. Distracting, but in a good way. I’m glad I can get attached like that. So there will be painting after this post. After this post and a breakfast smoothie is had.

My goal is to post some art every Friday. I am reluctant to advertise that goal for fear of falling short . . . You know what? Eff that! The fear reinforces the attempt. I’d better start posting stuff every frid, er, Saturday! I mean Saturday! I meant Saturday. That’s been the trend for two whole weeks now. I’m gonna be bold today and attempt to maintain that trend.

Later today or tomorrow, I will be getting some products made for the store. Z*zzle, with an “A,” prints off a gratuitous amount of wares. I provide the image, they give me a product with the image on it. Tons of things, coffee mugs, aprons, key chains, you name it.  Naturally, I won’t go for all these things. Stuff like mugs, though, and prints and cards are ok with me. The plan is to get a few of those things in, take pictures of the tangible product, then somehow profit. Somehow.

I updated the high res pictures in the website yesterday. No more distracting watermarks. The images are real crisp. Up next: an update the stevetlaws.com gallery for the newer images, get a small gallery here on the wordpress page, maybe do something else on the facebook page. Facebook is a stretch, though, it looks pretty alright already. We’ll just see where my ambitions take me.

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