Feeling for a Groove

I have pictures to show. Honestly, lots!.. . See, here’s a few as proof.

What I don’t have yet is a posting schedule. That is to say, I don’t quite have a routine yet where I’m digitizing my pictures for sharing and innernet consumption. Used to be, I’d use my ‘spensive camera on my’ ‘spensive trpod underneath’ spensive lights. Now I use the camera in my phone and slap a filter on the mofo. Science! 

There are plenty of times where I’m not sure what to do with myself. I have a couple half done kids book that I could always pull out of storage and finish. Then again, with my selling history, do I run the risk of burn out? Again? I really wish I wouldn’t fret so and that I’d enjoy the craft. But God damned if I don’t have to negotiate the fine line of work and play. Failure equates to pushing one or the other away in disgust. 

So, let’s just do an AA thing. Take one day at a time. Build a routine and let the rest figure itself out after. That’s the option that offers me the most peace of mind.

Take for instance this post. I slapped it together haphazardly. Not with the priority being quality but with emphasis on showing up. It’d be nice if I showed up more regularly.

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