Good lord this computer can distract me. Especially when I least want it too. Mindlessly surfing is fine and good, except when I’m trying to get something done. That “something” is this blog post. Next is: breakfast, art, work. So let’s have me do something besides mindlessly surf.

Yesterday was pretty mundane. I think it was spent recovering from the trip. Lesser amounts of art were accomplished, initial plotting for the little art fair coming up in September (You know, costs and display ideas), sweet sweet napping. Overall, not a whole lot accomplished. So I am feeling urges to overcompensate this morning. I have my projects fanned out strategically before me.

You know, as an artist, one wants to feed and grow those impulsive urges. Those impulses, properly cultivated, lend themselves to great art. That out there, those impulses have the ability to lead to artist to activities other than art. Mine nip me in the butt, often enough . . . Don’t get me wrong. It’s a good problem to have. I know how to handle it, too. What works best for me, to be both productive and creative, is to make and keep a schedule. This here, this is me fidgeting to reestablish that schedule.

I have a darling little future in front of me. Art show in early fall, then to China with my hairy butt . . . which reminds me: I need to get a pass port. September 15th I’ll be debt free. I have me a couple art pictures in development, plenty more ideas to keep me busy. I am gainfully employed, well fed, sheltered from weather. Loved, albeit, with difficulty. I’m in a good place, heading in a good direction, traveling at a comfortable pace. I’m all right with this.

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  1. congrats on the debt free. We are soo not there right now. It sucks. Pat just got his passport. They are spendy…

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