Fingers Crossed

First: Reno Visual Art Blast

That’s the show I keep going on about. As you can tell by the link, the artists in there are pretty damned good. I feel honored to be in such company. Maybe even a little intimidated. But this is good. Grand, even. It is validating and inspiring to be in a show. Especially since it’s been so long. I’m intoxicated with the positive influx of emotions. Better do some art to sober up.

You will find I am vastly poorer this morning. One gets that way after purchasing merchandise for the show. You know, books and prints to sell and attempt to make the investment back. And maybe just a little profit on top to take care of rent for the next month. Probably not. I am so wanting to have my books out there and in homes that I often undervalue them when I sell them. Just so they’re sold and a mini portfolio of what I can do is out there in the world. Ah, but that is a different tangent for another time.

Before I leave for work today I also wanna buy a few art toys. New brushes and a large, larger than 18 in x 24 in pad of water color paper. By the way, 18 in x 24 in is the largest watercolor paintings I’ve done to date. I’d love the opportunity to do larger. Were I not deaf to my bank account’s cries, I would be a guilty man about now. Luckily I’m deaf, blind, and dumb.


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