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I believe it was just last week where I wrote something about drinking less. I come to you drunk and hypocritical. Please accept me for who I am.

One might also notice that is down. To all three of my viewers, please remain calm. I’m here, the sites still here, we just had an issue with the hosting. I fully expect that all to be resolved shortly. Thank you for your patience in this matter.

Books is done. The printed and verified prototypes are mid shipped and awaiting final approval from yours truly. Once that green light is given, then the books are available instantly on and shortly thereafter, amazon. Relief will finally be had lo these many long years. Be a dear and keep an eye out. I’ll do my part to whisper a notice here and there. Many thanks.

I don’t think I’m gong to expend too much energy advertising More Different. At least, not yet. Firstly, because self promotions is a weakness of mine. I enjoy my quiet and I am comfortable under the radar. Secondly, and the one I attribute more gravitas to in order to protect my self esteem, most independent publishers will recommend having three books under your belt before aggressively advertising. Logic is: having three books let’s your audience know you’re serious and consistent. Also consideration is given to learning the ropes of independent publishing including creation and distribution, you know, the behind the scenes junk. As I alluded to a few sentences ago, it’s more likely the first than the second, still, I’m moving on to creating The Strangest Thing.

Creating has always been the best part anyway.

So I’ll take the summer off, we’ll do more school in the fall. I have about three months in which to art. Fair warning, there will be bitching about how current arting is insufficient, rest assured, lots and lots of art will actually be done. There always seems to be a project in the works somewhere somehow. This will only be different in that more free time will be allotted to it. Self satisfaction oozes through me just writing about it.

It would behoove me to project myself and my art projects out more. There are lots of pictures collecting dust that need to see the light of day. There are more that are half done in need of being fully realized. There’s also a whole lot of ideas that are ready to be sketched. I’ve been practicing with portraiture for the past several weeks to get me skills up and to snuff. I’m proud of the results. The practice will lend itself well to the finished products.

What do you say we get to finishing them products?

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