Finishing Touches

You may or may not have noticed my online presence has been a little less frequent this past month. There’s a good reason for that. InĀ  an effort to get myself a little more productive and a lot less distracted, I’ve put myself on a cyber diet. What the hell’s a cyber diet, you might ask; simply put: less TV, Internet, and video games.

All three of which are huge vices for me. There’s nothing wrong with any single one, but, like most anything in life, moderation is key. For me in particular, I’ve felt overindulgent. Full disclosure, for most my adult life, but especially now when I’m so close to finishing More Different and I find myself more and more distracted. The need to pull myself together and finish the job and subsequent jobs is important.

On the brighter side, among the procrastination techniques I’ve employed, some are quite lovely. I’ve been updating Odding to 4th edition, mostly layout and poetry updates. The ultimate aim is to make Odding, More Different, and The Strangest Thing all similar in design. Since they are the backbone of these projects, I think it’d be attractive that they stand apart.

I am drawing and painting pictures still, just not the last picture for More Different. It’s not necessarily wasted effort, those paintings will fit quite nicely into The Strangest Thing. Which is ultimately nice, it won’t take eight years to finish the next book. I’m feeling closer to two years. That all said, let’s buckle down and finish up More Different, shant we?

As to the progress of More Different, poems are done. Done done. Done done done. The painting, more than halfway, I’ve spent a lot of time staring and thinking about it and not much else. More Different’s design is still early stages but really, that’s the easiest part. If I manage to stay focused, I’d have it done in a weekend. I’m skeptical about that focus, though. In any case, production on the book will be done inside a month, the month of August of 2014 to be precise.

Admittedly, I am dragging my feet on this one. Irrational fears and insecurities abound. I won’t spend too much time dwelling on them here, I will apologize in advance and thank you all for your patience. I fully intend to do us all proud. Insert nervous yet determined smile here.

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