Finishing Up; Onto the Next


Just after eating a large pizza and at about the sixth or seventh shot of brandy that my fitbit unlatched itself from my wrist, turned away in disgust, and crawled off in a huff . . . I need to change my ways.

Art is going well. Very well, in fact. For the past three or four weeks I’ve been a busy little bee. The yield is bountiful and juicy. Today eight pieces will be finished up and afterwards we’ll get to work on commissions. Among the works being finished, there have been challenges, and in that way, are that much more satisfying to have accomplished. Those artworks will be shared soon. Spirits are high; outlook, favorable.

There’s a lot to consider when trying to sell one’s wares. Stock, distribution, promotion, etc; when considering and balancing all the aspects, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. Dizzying just thinking about it all. Were I to give advice on the topic the first bit I’d submit would be, “Hell If I know.” Then, after careful thought, I’d suggest, “Make a daily contribution. Large or small, those contributions add up.” Which has a prudence and practicality to it that deflates the pressures of sizable feats. At least, that’s what I remind myself when the to-do list gets too heavy.

Among today’s to-do’s, this here blog. Let’s get those previously mentioned artworks finished, It’d be nice to show them off. Plus it’ll free up time to allocate to commissions, extra money to buy and promote books with, the added challenge those commissions give in breaks form style, medium or habits, is beneficial to overall artistic fitness. Then we’ll move onto tidying up some web sites where my grubby butt makes and appearance. A prudent course of action, you know, so potential clients aren’t dissuaded by the sloppiness.

Then we’ll relax.

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