First Things . . .

So, let’s be clear. I need to build up a buffer of these blog posts. If emergency something rather comes up or I’m just not feeling it. All Yall won’t feel the blis and bumpy ride that is my life. Instead the illusion of a sexy well put together me will exude.

Oh man, making plans sucks. I know how to live well enough in the moment. But if guilt, shame, and regret attest, I have no mind for the future. Or, maybe I doooo, but the muscles need building. Well see how well I maintain this stuff.

As you can see the drawing continues. The portrait theme is strong. Speaking of building up muscles, a good indicator of where you’re at as an artist portraiture is a nice gage. You can tell if the Pic looks like who it’s supposed to look like and if you can’t, most any viewer can verify how close you are. It’s a good universal way to build up skills visual, hand eye, or otherwise.

Cartoons and illustrations aren’t too far behind. I have a sketchbooks worth of images to finish or refine. Not much work to do just gotta do it.

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