Four of Five

Today is day four of my five day weekend. Even with time wasting activities under my belt, I’m still ahead of schedule. Poetry is my priority now. In case anyone’s ever wondered, I do the pictures first then write the poetry based on the image. I haven’t genuinely started being poetic. At lease, not if scribbling up story outlines for pictures counts. Cause that’s what I’ve been doing mostly these past couple days: Scribbling up story outlines. I will need to refine the various plot lines, characters, and concepts a bit more before I start to hang a poetic facade.

Other minor life things are attended to. The house is well stocked and clean. My peace of mind is high. I visited the Thrift store this weekend to buy frames for unframed pictures. I paid $70 for frames that would have normally cost me four times as much. Never have I considered myself as a bargain hunter but, with the buys I made this weekend, I can see the thrill and pride those people get when a good deal is made. Bills, taxes, chores; I feel as though I’m caught up on them all.

Be that as it may, the work I have ahead of me is good. Keep noshing on that poetry. Some website updates so that is easier to navigate and pertinent information easier to find. Digging around for shows, of which, there are plenty. Start up designs for the cover and pages of the book. While I’m on the topic, I’d better go scribble me up a to-do list.

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