Framing Day 2: The Sequel

The final count for paintings framed yesterday? Two. Not even two. I ran out of tape and I’ll need to make a framing supply run. I know what I said yesterday about two being enough. It’s not. For the amount of time and effort I put in yesterday, I’d expect way more than two. A couple things I use to ease my mind are: 1) they are the largest and most ambitious of my framing jobs and 2) I reused a lot of the previous matt that was in the frames. That means very delicately taking paper apart despite tape and glue. I still have me a couple of finer cuts to make before I can sign off on the second one. Maybe it’s more accurate to say I framed 1.75. Probably more pedantic, too

Today will be another framing day. Since I need to go out and get framing junk, I might get a couple more frames while I’m out. Oh yeah, and check out that dog kennel business. I need to be quick about it. Later tonight I am helping my dad with hooking up a new printer. I use the word “Helping” with a groan. Between how computer illiterate my father is and how my family normally rolls, “helping” translates into: taking-on-the-project-alone-and-forever-being-responsible-for-it.  I’m hoping installation is quick and easy, I have a show I need to fret over. There’s a lot to do still.


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