Framing Day 3: The Reckoning

Today makes day three of my framing extravaganza. Today will be the last day I title it “Framing Day.” Today will not be the last day I am framing. It’ll be ongoing until the day of the show. Currently I have four well abused frames. Well, more than four, but four that I am currently redoing; taking out divots, sanding out imperfections, and repainting. Three just received their first coat of paint ten minutes ago.  An oil based paint that takes twenty four hours to dry. The fourth will be taken outside and spray painted . . . I glance down to a handful of other frames that need work. My mind goes to ways on fixing them but also goes to thoughts of time restraints. I’ve got my work cut out for me.

To help expedite the process, I have most, if not all, my matts cut and pictures mounted. Glasses are cleaned and everything is ready for assemblage. Kinda. There’s always last minute stuff. Unforeseen things. In any case, aside from the stress I’m putting on myself, things look like they’ll come together just fine. Part of me wants it all done now, though. Just so I can relax. The fear keeps me motivated and productive. I don’t know which is better.

Later today has me looking for a dog kennel. Again, the kennel is just so I have an outdoor wall in which to hang pictures. It’s sturdy, it’s flat, it’s metal, and has giant holes so wind isn’t an issue. Easy to fold up and transport. Yeah, I’ve spent some time thinking about it. And the idea continues as I conjure up ways to modify it. To make it better. I’m gonna go to home despot again and window shop variances I can do with all of it. And budget, too.

I’ve invested some money in this little venture of mine. Along with it comes the anxiety of not making good on the investment. Some people get a thrill off of that gamble. Not me; I am more conservative when it comes to such things. Years and years of taking what little I have and . . . You know what? Let’s not go there, Let’s just say I’m rebooting my career. Let’s remind me that even if this show doesn’t pay off, I’ll have the tools necessary for future shows. And whatever I put into this one will eventually show up. I just gotta keep at it.

Just keep at it.

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