Framing Day

Well, I said today was about framing and, god dammit, today will be about framing. I’ve pushed back the recliner, cleaned out the excess trash, organized tools. I’m still working on coffee, and a breakfast pizza is cooking in the oven (The same as a regular pizza, just for breakfast). Soon after banging this post out, I’ll start to disassemble a few frames. You know just to pass the time.
I promised myself I wouldn’t make a huge deal about the amount of pictures I frame. I’m keeping the bar low to assure satisfaction. If I frame two, that’s great. Should I happen to frame eight, that’ll be OK too (EFF YEAH!). We’ll just take it bit by bit and allow whatever happens to happen.

I am undecided if I’ll be getting the walls for the show today. I’m going to augment a dog kennel to make art walls specifically for art fairs. It’ll be sexy cause I have the vision and experience to make it happen. The plan goes: Get the thing and have enough time to assemble a mock up before the show and make sure I have everything I need for it. I understand it’s an unnecessary investment, but dammit, I want my booth to look good. I’m also incline to believe that if I already have the tools available, future art fairs will be a breeze. There’s also the thinking that I need to invest well into the rebooting of my art career.

Oven’s chiming. I have a breakfast pizza to consume. More tomorrow.


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