Yep, it’s Friday. End of the work week. Time to recoup for a day or so before the next work week begins. Celebrate? I dunno. I got more work to do at home.

I got me plenty of homework to stress over. It keeps me tired and well honest. Maybe even more appreciative of the free time I can eke out. Am I wont to complain? No, not really. While I do squeak and moan, you know, more than usual, they seem to be all adjustment noises. Still in the period of carving out those little pleasures. And too distracted to really appreciate the ones already present. So far, I’m not counting enough pleasures to proclaim victory. But, you know, progress.

Times like these, i get to flex against uncertainties. At times surprisingly well; others, well, not so much. I feel strongest and most adroit when I’m doing things solo. Which makes sense seeing as how much time I spend in my own head. Socially, god damn it, them skills might need some stretching and massaging. I find myself overextending in group projects, then comically overcompensating as I try to self regulate without the input from others. Sigh, a gentle check-in now and again would go a long way. I will practice them “check-ins”. Until then, guess we’ll wait and hope for that fallout to be gentle. Can’t be that bad, right?

My mood is cautionary. Cognitively, I know I’ll be fine; emotionally: where’d all this insecurity come from? Aw who am I kidding? It’s always been like this

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