Gandious Delusions

There’s been some drinkin’. I may have had my fair share, maybe a bit more than that. I feel it and it feels good.

I do poetry. I am unsure whether or not I do it well, but I can declare I do poems with a heart no one can deny. And the productivity! Even this blog entry is a break from me working on rhyming charming little short stories for kids and adults alike. For the time I’ve put in, which is a lot considering being overburdened by work, I’ve gotten a ton done. I am spread thin and even so, I feel good about what I’m getting done with what little free time I have.

Drawings, I have some here and again, fuck it, i’m drunk, why not post an evolution of the self portrait I posted earlier this month? I have 2, 3 or 4 pictures to finish for the book and, mark my works, I will have them finished. I’m at a point where I am feeling weirdly confident about me skills and my accomplishments. I’m feeling just as weirdly confident about where I’m going with them.

Loosely, and I will remind you my drunkeness, I am looking to have the writing done by September one. And with just as much ambition, greed, and delusion, I declare I will spend the month of September refining pics, poems, and focusing on designing the damned book into fruition. Play my cards right, I’ll have version number one finished by October 30, that will mark it as seven years to the day, Odding was finished.

My god. My mind is boggled and I’m disoriented. I’d better take another drink.

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    • Thank you, Dear. Your concern is appreciated. I know I get on here and I know how I can get a little raw. Truth is I am doing better than I have in a long long time. I won’t tell you how much I used to drink but I will tell you yesterday was just two pints of craft beer. Very tame and plenty safe. Send Pat and the kids my well wishes, take a little for yourself.

      • I had more than that yesterday….lol not telling here. i am glad you are doing better. <3

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