Gettin’ It Right

My mind has been wondering what to do with this here blog. I need to do something with this blog besides existential whinnying. I doubt that is the way to build an audience. Nietzsche might argue against. But I’m looking for a different clientele. This will become a good test. Practice for marketing strategies.

I’m gonna whine about marketing some more. At least try something as a learning experience. Writing here is easy enough. But I do need to post more than bemoaning. Less bemoaning, more art and poetry. That’s the simplified version of the plan. let’s get some more substance here and, hopefully, out into the world.

The second book is nigh. Like I mentioned earlier, I have been working on it every day. Literally bit by bit. Today I am finishing up a healthy number of illustrations for it. I plan on the illustrations being finished in the next few weeks. Naturally I will be niggling on them throughout the process. OCD aside, they’ll be ready for print in a couple of weeks.

With the book nearing finish my mind does think about publicity and funding. I hate to think of it being released to yawns. Worse yet, to crickets. There’s plenty of work that needs doing. If it’s not illustrating and poetry, it’s spamming and pandering. Like I murmur to myself when I am alone: I’ll get it right one of these days.

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