Getting Back into Shape

With some disorientation, heavy reluctance, and heavier heart. I’m picking up art again.

It’s been, what, three, four years? After fifteen years combined with a series of failures, I hit a low point. I vowed to quit.

Why? I feel good about what I do and my skill level with it. The part that crushes me is the money. Making a fucking dollar off art is such a painful process. Hence the heavy reluctance and heavy heart.

Why come back? I fucking don’t know. My heart gravitate towards it. Literally, my soul only stirs when I’m thinking about the art. I’m dead inside to all other stimuli.

So there’s been been some sketching and just creating. It feels good. Feels like home.

I’ll post more and try to grow into this thing.

3 Comments on “Getting Back into Shape

  1. I have thought about you a few times over the past few years wondering what you were up too. Glad you are back at it. Is it necessary to make money doing it? Can you just let your creativity flow through you and enjoy? I miss seeing your stuff! Your books are on the table in the living room..hehe

    • Oh Rachael, you’re better to me than I deserve. Many hearty thank you’s.

      I’ll find a life balance some how some day some way.

      Hope you and yours are doing well.

  2. Steve,
    I’m glad now that you are back. I hope your art continues to bring joy into your life as it did to mine.

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