Getting Out There

I woke up upside down in bed. Staggered into the kitchen and halfway through making coffee sat then fell asleep on the couch. Sleep walking and narcoleptic worries aside, I think I am well. The cool morning feels good and the coffee’s delicious. My mood is positive.

Yesterday was also a good day. Ten hours of painting on the one piece. I’m impressed with my endurance. Towards the end, mind fatigue was taking hold; brush strokes and decisions became sloppy. The will to continue was there, but stopping was a sound choice. We’ll continue this watercolor business later.

This morning has me painted out. I’ll stare a little bit, that’s it. No, this morning comes with the urge to make my efforts matter. I gots to get myself out there. Submit more to galleries and find some art fairs to wrestle with. I crave attention and validation. Like I mentioned a day or so ago, I would kill at one of those art fairs. Lord knows I need the money; more importantly, though, is the exposure. Art isn’t art unless it is shared. I’m in a giving mood.

I think we both know what I’m gonna do after scribbling up this here blog post. That’s right, fix up a blue berry smoothie! After that, though, that’s when I’ll spend me some time looking for opportunities. Organizations to join, galleries to show in, art fairs to submit to. You know, grow me an audience like a farmer grows a crop: with lots of hard work.

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