Getting Started

I think I’m gonna start doing this here blog daily again. At least, weekday daily. Not at all because I have something important to say. More because this will be my advertising. Talking to myself is nothing new and, as often as I do it, I might as well do it publicly. The logic here is to just be consistently here. Consistently working. So, fair warning to Facebook and Twitter people, set your spam filters accordingly.

Today is the first of my five day weekend and I’ve started it off well enough. Grocery shopping has been ticked off the list. The good feelings of a well stocked home is only trumped by those of a well stocked clean home. The first few in a long list of chores that needs tackling. Other tasks for scratching off the list: I have some jobs to apply for, school bureaucracy to begin muddling through, and book things, plenty of book things. All said, I am confident I will get it all done come Wednesday, when I return to work.

As I mentioned yesterday, the imagery is done. And, as I’ve mentioned repeatedly, I reserve the right to obsess over them until publication. That’s my way of saying, I’m gonna still draw and refine them when I feel the need. Fair warning.

Poetry and design start today. Poetry I’ve only done in spurts since 2006. And then, usually only when I’m feeling down. I concern myself over whether or not it’ll be up to snuff. All of these concerns also apply to the “Design” portion of the equation. Then I remind myself of my obsessive nature, my adequate intelligence, and my deep affections. It’s all gonna be OK.

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