Getting To It

Yesterday I started painting and kept on painting. Sure, I had other things on the agenda. Quite a few things actually. Yet, I procrastinated on them all. Each and every one. How did I procrastinate? By painting. The most bizarre and backwards form of procrastination I’ve ever had. There was not guilt or shame in it, only awe. This morning will be dedicated to getting those things done. No more stalling, I promise.

This morning finds me feeling well and being well with my place in the world. Well, maybe a couple things could be better. A little more money could help. But that’s neither here nor there. I’ll be earning that money soon enough anyhow. Just keep working hard and it’ll come. Patience is a virtue, and all that. Aside from getting on that tiny tangent, things are well. Gonna take pictures of my paintings that are done, or close enough to done, and share them. Gonna get those works to┬áthat one website all submitted, finally. We’ll see what time looks like as far as polishing my little shoppe this morning. I also need to shoot myself . . . With the camera . . . For subject matter . . .

All that acknowledged, I can finally stop ignoring chores and get them done so they are out of my mind. Ill get started now.

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