Good Fundamentals

It’s like building a solid house, it’s only as good as the foundation. If your castle is built on sand its gonna take more than a nice wall tapestry to save that wall. The crumbling that come from weathering and the undulating earth. So we gotta dedicate ourselves to things like self care. To keep them foundations strong.

Preachy. But I preach so hard because of the person I am: impulsive as fuck. So to battle my unbalanced nature, I have to shout at doubly loud and focus extra hard. All in an effort to keep them wily impulses in check. Well, maybe “shout” is a bit dramatic. Awareness and vigilance are a must.

So far so good.

My sorta people, the impulsive addictive type, we need to work hard in this day and age of disciple. Society is built around delayed gratification. Almost at the expense of our humanity. Fortunately, humanity finds a way and a tenuous balance is struck. Tend to things right and keep a good balance and you’re set! To all of us still negotiating that fine line, good luck and gods favor.

Me personally, it’s smaller things. I’d like to generate a little more revenue. I’m pretty good at holding onto what modest amounts I can kick up. Even so, it’d be nice to not have stare at a razor wire budget.

Also on that list, wriggle out of my introversion a little more often. It’s hard to gauge how much alone time is too much or when too much is too late. I love LOVE the quiet. And the nature of artistry and writing I practice requires the solitude and quiet. That said, there is definitely the danger of too much. Getting out there with the people and communing, it’s good for the soul. It’s good for business, too.

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