Good Morning

Let’s hash out a blog post, what do you say?

I love my bed. One of my absolute favorite pleasures in life. Sleep and sleeping in are fantastic. Being cozy and warm and insulated from a cold chilling world lights up the pleasure centers in my brain like no other. Add to all this, and I won’t get too racy, the occasional loved one and those deep interpersonal moments. Not only that but those cozy mornings I just went on about are shared and enhanced. Yeah, I am staring off into the distance with a wistful smile. I’m only an hour out of bed and just . . . good good good feelings.

In short, I wish you good morning with a wide smile.

I’m still winding up to do my kick ass work day. On second cup of coffee and everything is laid out and ready for me to tackle. The only trouble is what to tackle first. I am excited to wreck this day with productivity. That said, there’s a hint of procrastination in there. Today, as you can tell, I’m in a good way. Resisting that procrastinating urge will be easy. I am amused it is there though. Amused and intrigued. You’ll find me musing more about procrastination in the future. Most likely when I’m actually procrastinating, ironically enough. Today, though, right now in fact, I’m getting started

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