I feel very lovey-dovey right now. Could it be the good nights rest, perhaps the abundance of productivity, maybe the healthy eating; no, no I suspect it’s the reintroduction of coffee into my morning. I love you my morning coffee and, through you, the rest of the world.

Silliness aside, I have been chomping at the bit to write this blog entry all morning. I mean it when I say I feel lovey-dovey. I feel as happy as I have in a long long time, with that bliss I feel humbled, respectful, and grateful all at once. I don’t think there is a single thing I can attribute such joy to. This here blog entry will be dedicated to counting blessings. Let’s begin.

Thanks to you, whomever you are when ever you are for reading this and giving me your attention. I know you only have so much time and resources in your life and to budget however much to a feller like me is worthy of appreciation. Really, thanks for coming by and hanging out.

Next, you know those social sites here on the web? Well, I give to them and they give back. On Facebook, the people who have known me and tolerated me longest, I feel as though I finally get to do them proud. They deserve lots of love for enduring me when I haven’t been at my best, the least I can do is get my shit together and share my redemption. On Twitter, the most efficient “love” transferring I know. I jump on there say a few nice things and almost immediately nice things are reflected back. I get a lot of motivation from those great people over there. On Google+, to be honest, it’s been a little colder. That out there, with the sharing of Snail’s View, I’ve gotten a tidal wave of positivity from them. I feel a little overwhelmed by it and will need to let them know.

After writing up this post, I will be spending some time sending out more personal thank you’s to all the people who’ve gone out of their way. They deserve the appreciation and acknowledgement.

So off I go, to do just that, thanking great people. I hope the sugary nature of this post hasn’t burdened you with diabetes. I genuinely hope that any and all love sent out get’s you right in the heart and brings just a little more brightness to your side of the world. I mean that.

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