I slept horridly.

Twixt wasting my morning doing nothing and urges to be responsible I am– well, let’s face it, I’m being lazy. I do want to be responsible, though. I actually do. Unfortunately for me, the only way I know how it to force myself. Yep, kill all forms of entertainment and, with the resulting anxiety and boredom, get to doing things I don’t do. Drastic, huh? That’s what it takes, I guess. Especially after developing bad habits for as long as I have.

I do see the irony in that last statement. On a few levels.

Evidently I can do or be trained to do responsible things. I hold my job, I write here almost every day, I brush and floss regularly. What else can I heap on to enhance my station in life?

I can’t tell if I am being sarcastic, genuine, or attempting to brainwash myself . . . I’m confused.

Irony again.

Self deprecation aside . . . I’m tired and muddled and bitching just to bitch. It’s what I do. I’m gonna go have a nice healthy smoothy and try to take a nap before work. I intend to feel better soon.


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  1. I think part of your motivation/energy level problem is a lack of vits and minerals… I was reading up on Iodine the other day and it was a pretty interesting read. 🙂

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