Groggy Post

I’m groggy. I wonder what a groggy post looks like.

Pictures have been dropped off for the show. Next to the paintings that were already there, they look so small and modest. I hope they stand up. It’s kinda like dropping your kids off at school and worrying that they’ll be OK. And they will be OK, and my fretting is only natural. At least that segment of the worry department is over, on to more preparations.

The neighborhood down there is very cozy. The Arts center well kept and lively. I was and still am impressed. I can’t tell if it’s my hermit like lifestyle or my prejudice or my ignorance. Most likely all three, but I am pleasantly surprised to find a little art alcove here in Reno. You know, a good one. It’s heartening.

For the art fair portion of the show I’ll need walls. Walls for my booth. I think I already know what kind of walls I want. It’s a dog kennel. Standing at about 6 feet high and a sturdy metal frame, I could hang pictures on that and, along with zip ties, be in a good way against the wind . . . It’s hard to describe what I have envisioned. Be that as it may, the investment for a dog kennel is a few hundred dollars. I almost feel as though I’ve invested enough not to have . . . Oh screw it, we’ll get the damned thing. I’ll just need to make sure to do more shows to ensure I get my money’s worth. The extra incentive to rock on will be good.

I wonder a little of what I’m gonna do with the remaining hours of my morning. You know, the hours before I jaunt off to work. Most likely, framing. I still have a couple of frames to take apart and clean. Yeah, that’s a good idea. It’ll greatly help me when I start framing the rest of my pictures I’ll have that little bit more of an edge.



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