Happy Birfday

Today is birthday number thirty four. One year older and wiser. My normal birthday tradition is to indulge myself on beer, sweets, and junk food; not among friends but alone, and I use the time to reflect. More often than not, solemnly. Today feels close to that tradition. Close but a few  differences worthy of note. No junk food, beer, or sweets; I do that every weekend on my day off to unwind from work. Yesterday was that day, today will be met with health food and recovering. I fully expect the reflection to be there, a lot less solemn, though. Art, I plan to dedicate most all this day to painting and drawing.

Speaking of, a ton of yesterday was dedicated to art. Over indulgence on beer, pizza, and coffee aside; I forgot how mentally exhausting creating art was. I started shortly after waking up and with regular breaks every two hours. Made it about seven hours in before I started dogging it. I got all of one more hour in before my resolve melted. Then I was a puddle of mush for the remaining hours of the day. My conscience would nag me to do more, but at that point, that was the only part of my brain working.

Back again to today. I am on cup of coffee number two, about to fetch number three. Decided I’d start here and try to get some of that reflection out of my system. Next up is touching up the art I was working on yesterday. I might take some time to sexy up or refine my WordPress blog page, maybe even my regular webpage. We’ll see. I’ll play it by ear. At this point it’s all good. It all counts.

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