Heed the Call

I thought I slept in this morning. I say, “I thought” because it was all of 7:30 a.m. when I wondered into the kitchen to make coffee. While making coffee I set up the old camera soes I can shoot and digitize more art. Color corrected what I shot and have it tucked away in my art files. Tweet is posted and now I’m writing this. I’m getting a few things done this morning and early.

Sometime this morning I will need to find room for cleaning my house. There’s a service man coming by for that broken air conditioner. I never have guests over. That means I never have the shame to get the house to clean. Since “never” is a long time, one can imagine how cluttered my space is. Trust me, it’s very cluttered. I have art and half finished projects strewn all over the place. And I like it that way. Except when the service man judges me. Then I feel embarrassed. There’s a part of me that just wants to say, “Eff it, not worth it.” Between the shame angel and the defiant devil, you can prolly guess which voice I’ll end up listening to.

Yesterday was very nice. Lots of painting. That’s a good day. I still have lots more painting to do. A good part of me is feeling that I need to use more subject matter in my works to give them a more realer feel. The made up parts helped make what I had charming, at least, I hope it did. I’m getting older now and making up stuff is hard, the guess work behind rendering some of these objects is becoming taxing. I will heed the call to more subject matter. Eventually. For now, I’m gonna finish what I have. No need to switch horses midstream.

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