My First

No, it’s not my first blog post. Google my name, you’ll find residue about me nigh everywhere. It’s just my first blog post here. On wordpress.

I’ve been an internet addict all my life. You can include video games in there too. I’ve been and internet and video game addict all my life. Lots of stuff about me throughout the years of being on the net. Failed business ventures along with personal ones. Successes? Not so much . . .

And that’s when the voice of my girlfriend chimes in and tells me not to be mean to myself. I’m mean to myself, by the way. I’m plenty deserving, too. People who love me beg to differ. Both of them. Be that as it may, I owe it to them for suffering me the way they do. That’ll explain the jabs at self as having a limp wristed quality about them.

On to things. This here is my first post in a new blog. What to I propose to do with it? Mostly whine. Pontificate. Wrestle with life. All the common things associated with blogging. Have little doubt, it’ll be mostly about me. I’m very self involved. I am not at all deserving the attention, nor am I of any interest. But, hey, my insanity needs an outlet. At least, that’s what my therapist tells me.

So, here I am. I do have other reasons for being here I’ll bore you with the details as we go.

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