Here’s Hoping


I am half expecting to be called off work today. Half expecting and fully hoping. Yes, my paycheck does take a hit, but, and this is an Alabaman-with-a-thyroid-issue sized “but”, I get to be an artist. Here’s me mockingly  weighing the scales: Do I go to work and be a $50 better at surviving, or do I revel in my life’s purpose? Hrm, Tough choice.

Alright, sardonic mode disabled.

Don’t ask me why, I’ve been a little irritable between yesterday and today. I don’t mean to be. I loathe the thought of harming anyone. Even their mood. That admission doesn’t change the fact that I do. Believe you me, it pains me when it happens. I’m not sure if I’m following this topic up with a theory or an excuse. I have me a guilty conscience I’m trying to purge. I have my doubts on whether or not scribbling down an obscure reference on a never read blog will cut it.

Art. You all are here for the art, not the fine whine. I have a few paintings finished and ready for show. I ain’t showing them, though. At least, not yet. I’m gonna sit on a surplus soes I have time to work and finish other paintings. Bide me some time so even if I do stop painting, I can still keep the virtual flywheel a’spinnin’. A couple goals this weekend: Clean house, set up the “shop” on my webpage (That damned shop vexxing me), Two small pieces of subject matter need compiling, and, of course, paint paint paint.

I’m keeping these here fingers and toes crossed. Come on, big money! Let’s get this day off! Lets get caught up on love!

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