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Self Inspection

It wasn’t long ago when the hospital was on pins and needles. Rules changed daily sometimes a couple times a day. A few coworkes passed from covid lending to a sense of urgency close to home. One was near and dear. This covid business has been a roller coaster.

Drumming up to today. One definitely gets the feeling that things are ebbing back to normal. I can’t tell if it’s panick fatigue or if the bigger picture of this pandemic is looking less dire. Maybe a little of both. The environment definitely feels like people are tired of being cooped up and clenched.

My life is already socially distanced. Painfully so sometimes; other times, blissfully.

As to working on the art side gig. Production is fine, could be better but I’m confident it will get better. Poems for the book are plucked out. Were doing 29 and depending on how the focus groups rule, maybe down a couple. Of those 29 I’m getting to final drafts on about a third of them.

Other projects are the old books. Getting a publishing house to do those on demand. That way print and send are seamless. Working on digital versions for kindle and such too. Those’ll all be ready by the time this blog is published… Better budget a week more in there for unexpected obstacles.

And lastly, the sexy big pics. Gonna have compositions set up and gonna break paints on them in the next couple days. Just finished doing some last minute commissions so there’s been a slight delay.

All in all, it’s all coming together, ladies and gents. Who knows, by the time all this covid shit is done, I’ll be well on my way to finishing book four.

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