Home Again

I’ve returned. It’s good to be home. Been having urges to write here for a couple days now. That and return to my routine. Seems as though a lot has happened in my absence. Let’s do this as best as I can recall.

I picked up an art show for late August and early September. August’s is in a gallery; September’s is in a modest art fair setting. I will have some things to keep me busy with all that. Getting some pictures framed, a few extra books for sale, business cards, figuring out how to display everything; the challenge is on. In fact, the particulars are already swimming in my brain.

My productivity with art and poetry didn’t go nearly as well as I expected. Not for bad reasons, mind you. When a person is in the middle of living, the priority is in that moment. Burying myself in a book practicing rhymes or doodling would only serve to distract. This whole thing, the trip, none of it was for me. I did it all to support grandma. This family reunion stuff is important to her and it wasn’t until I was in the thick of it that I could really appreciate how important. Overall, I’m glad I went. The things I’ve seen only help to enrich my life. “Life” is fuel for art, by the way.

I have a good number of things to concern myself with over the coming months. These are all on top of my regular efforts to art, write, and show. It’s all a good problem to have. Today, though, today I’m gonna keep it simple. Just paint. Get some lines exacted on “The Great Cookie Caper” and apply pigment. Nurse some coffee’s, eat healthy things; today’s gonna be a good day.


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