House Cleaning

OK, I survived.

Lord knows why I have such a self destructive ritual. It leaves me tired and achy and nauseated; it also seems to dissipate any stress. Physically I don’t feel the best; emotionally, I feel swell. Ready for another week of work and art.

This next week is a vacation week. I’m flying out on the fifth and I won’t be back until the the eleventh. Like I mentioned previously, posts are looking doubtful. I will try. No promises, though.

Art will be gotten to later tonight. This morning has me cleaning house . . . Don’t act so shocked. Yes, the house is being cleaned. As I write this the dishwasher is whirring and the washer is thumping and the; op, washer’s done. One sec to load the drier and put in a fresh load – So, yeah, house cleaning is happening. I want things tidy so that when I finally come home there’s nothing to concern myself over. Just relaxing.

Art, again. The pencils are done for “The Great Cookie Caper” pigment will wait until Ihave returned. Sketchbook stuff goes as it normally does, inch by inch. I still have that desire to release something weekly, this week, though, it’s just not gonna happen. I don’t have anything release worthy. Stick with me while I work out the kinks.

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