How to Spend the Day

I know the intent of this blog. It’s a marketing ploy first; a place for sanity second. I question how often to write here now and again. Thus far, it’s five times a week. The days I don’t write here are not consistent, though. And when I don’t write here, I find my mind buzzing with topics to scribble down. Not just topics, but content, too. I suppose making this a regular part of the day wouldn’t be so hard. Especially with my schedule now. I’ve been playing by ear and I’ll continue to do so. This is just me reflecting abstractly. Thank you for indulging me.

Today is my week end. No official work to go to. Much, if not all of today will be dedicated to art. Paint paint paint paint paint paint paint. Refining a handful of paintings that were never finished or developed. Also in queue: I have two large pieces. One of which the pencils are 90% done. I could get away with putting washes on it today and still come out.  The second: needs a lot more development on the pencils maybe even the subject matter. Not much tweaking, just enough to satisfy my obsessive compulsive disorder . . . Speaking of, I’d better pull those two out.

Among the other things needing doing: Refine some features on the website; the store, some broken links, spiffy up the homepage and the feed to this blog. My girlfriend gave me some links, links designed to enhance and improve my marketing, I will need to investigate those. Transfer the subject matter from my old hard drive to my new one . . .

Alright, enough writing here. Time to refill the coffee and get all things prepped.


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