You can feel autumn in the air. The ever so slight chill in the morning is always telling; summer’s ending and fall’s beginning. My reaction to the chill, aside from a knowing appreciation, is to swaddle myself in blankets. Rest assured I am swaddled.

It probably doesn’t help that I have my swamp cooler on full blast. Swamp cooler’s rely on the evaporative process to cool. Instead of closing all the doors and windows to keep the house cool, Swap cooler’s rely on open windows; strategic air flow. I have all my windows open and I have that cooler a blowin’. Aside from giving you a brief lesson in HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning), this is because I have frames just painted and painted with a noxious paint. Proper ventilation is key to keep me from getting high. Even if leaving me frozen.

I won’t bore you too much about framing. At least, I’ll try not to. This weekend has left me well frayed on the topic of framing. It will be the primary focus for me over the next two weeks. Be that as it may, I plan on just doing a little each day and allowing it all to accumulate. In the mean time, I’ll cope using alcohol and video games.

I have enough art to fill three shows. I don’t have three shows. I only have one. So digging around for opportunities might be a good idea. I’m also looking at that art and thinking, “There’s enough there for a book.” A second book, I mean. Not enough poetry, though. I wanna paint, too. I have a lot on my agenda to do. Or that I want to do. My mind is already looking forward to projects to jump on when the show is over. Obsess much? Apparently so.

Be that as it may, I am being a lazy lazy effer this morning. Why? I need some down time. I only have a few hours before work and with my mind a’buzzing and stringing me out over what needs doing. I want to relax. I need to. Impending work later today will ensure I don’t overdo it. I’m taking a second to breathe.


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